tbk in the news.

Check out what people are saying about us, in the local and national news:

* Salon.com’s “kitchen cabinet” voted us one of their favorite food nonprofits to give to in 2009/10.  You can do so, here, by designating Take Back the Kitchen as your donation’s destination.

* Our friends at bostonlocalvores.org gave us a shout-out on their blog: “Just in case you all don’t know about the Haley House, take a tool around their website. They are a truly cool organization. One of our favorite programs are the cooking classes for kids. Because they really are cooking classes. Like, with giant knives and whole squashes rolling about. We all had to learn to use a knife at some point, right?”

* Executive Chef Didi Emmons won the 2009 Gardens of Humanity Visionary Award!

* In Spring 2009, Chef-Author Bryant Terry visited Haley House Bakery Cafe on his latest book tour.  He talked to students at one of our classes and was the featured performer at HHBC’s “Art Is Life Itself” series, speaking to a full house.  He was also a valued judge at our Collard Greens Cookoff that evening.  The Globe covered the event.

* Take Back the Kitchen was featured in Edible Boston in Didi’s 2008 article, “But I Don’t Like Veggies…” (p. 34).

* In October 2008, Asian cooking expert Nina Simonds visited Didi and her class  at Take Back the Kitchen.  You can view the short video she made of her visit on her website.

* Cultural Awareness co-teacher Officer Bill Baxter received the Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Local Heroes award in 2008

* CafeMom featured Didi and our classes on their website.

* Officer Bill Baxter and our Cultural Awareness class, which he co-created and co-teaches, were featured in the Boston Globe in 2006.