tbk in the community.

For the 2010-2011 School Year, we have the following program collaborations scheduled:

Cultural Awareness – This annual series of classes reaches middle school aged youth from Roxbury, and is the centerpiece of our program. Founded by Sergeant Bill Baxter and Chef Didi Emmons, this program features a curriculum about how food can open our minds to other cultures.  This is part of Officer Baxter’s community outreach efforts to stop gang violence in Boston’s urban neighborhoods.  Sessions are five weeks long and classes are capped at twelve students, and they run throughout the year.

– A series of six classes each trimester with Boston Day and Evening Academy chemistry students will cover culinary arts and health topics while focusing on science related topics such as enzymes, bonding, macro-nutrients, and more.

– We continue to partner with Urban College of Boston to offer our course “Healthy and Safe Cooking.” This team-taught class includes 1 hour of lecture on food science and food systems, followed by a 2-hour hands on class relating to the lecture material.  This class will be offered again in Summer and Fall 2011, and future courses may develop.

Codman Academy’s 11th grade Chemistry class will be joining Laura Zienteck for ten Kitchen Chemistry Field Work Days this year, held in our Soup Kitchen location.

-We are excited to begin a collaboration with Single Parent Family Outreach this winter. Single mothers (and grandmothers!) will join their kids and grand kids in the kitchen for several series through the spring and summer. Each class will cover a pertinent topic related to health, cooking, and community.

Other organizations we have collaborated with in the past include:

BMC’s FANtastic Youth program
– Orchard Gardens K-8 school
– Spontaneous Celebrations
– Sociedad Latina
– Orchard Park
– Vine Street Community Center
– Children’s Hospital
-Slow Food Boston
-Body by Brandy
-Jack and Jill
-Yawkey Center Boys and Girls Club
-National Council of Negro Women
-The Murphy School
-Squash Busters
-Bridging the Gap- Salvation Army